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FAQs for journalists

Expand Can you provide advice to readers?

From time to time we can offer one of our experts to deal with real reader problems. We can’t provide completely specific advice to an individual unless they visit a bureau, but we can offer general advice on what options are available to that person in their given situation.

Expand Do you have spokespeople around the country I can interview?

We recognise the importance of getting a local spokesperson. There are hundreds of Citizens Advice Bureaux across the country and many have managers and advisers who are media trained and happy to talk to journalists. Contact us and we will put you in touch with your nearest one.

Expand Can you provide Citizens Advice Bureau clients for us to interview?

Yes, we can look for 'case studies' to give a human interest to your story, if it’s a subject of particular concern to us and our clients.If we are able to identify a client willing to be interviewed by you, we will usually expect a voice in the piece as well.You will need to tell us the sort of scenario you are interested in and it helps if you give us as much notice as possible as it can be quite a time consuming process. We will then contact relevant bureaux to see if they have had any clients that fit the bill. However, it is entirely up to the client to decide if they want to talk to you. We will not put you in touch with a client without their express permission – their welfare has to be our primary concern. They may agree to talk to you only on condition that they remain anonymous.Bear in mind that some types of case studies are more difficult to find than others - for example, many people are reluctant to talk about their debt problems or losing their home. Print journalists: if we are unable to put you in touch directly with a client, we may be able to provide anonymised real-life case studies on paper instead.

Expand Do you have an ISDN line?

Yes, the number is 020 7713 8059. Contact one of us to arrange an interview using this line.

Expand Do you have regional press officers?

Unfortunately not. Contact one of us in the main national press office if you are looking for a regional view or spokesperson in the regions or in Wales.Contact details for the press teams in Citizens Advice Scotland and Citizens Advice Northern Ireland are on our contacts page.

Expand How can I get hold of images showing the Citizens Advice Bureaux at work?

Email the Citizens Advice Publications Team with your request. Include the image you need, your deadline and where it will be published. All our images are Copyright Citizens Advice.

Expand How can I get the Citizens Advice logo to use in a publication or online?

Our logo can be used alongside text about our services, to promote our website Email the Citizens Advice communications team with your request. Please include details about where you wish to use our logo and the format you require.

Expand Where can I find out more information about advice?

Visit for practical, reliable, up-to-date information including frequently asked questions in English, Welsh, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu and Chinese on a wide range of topics and factsheets to download. Information is continuously reviewed by our team of advisers and covers England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
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