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One service strategy 2015 - 2020

One service strategy coverThe Citizens Advice service is here for everyone. We are relied on by millions of people across England and Wales every year.

In turn, we rely on the commitment and energy of tens of thousands of volunteers and staff.

We owe it to everyone involved in our service, whether they receive help or give it, to make sure our work is as effective as possible. So this One service strategy [ 180 kb] sets out how the Citizens Advice service as a whole will keep improving what we do, even in extraordinarily difficult times.

Although just two of us are formally signing this document, it is the work of hundreds of people over more than two years. There are those who have helped us understand what people need today and will need tomorrow; those who have contributed ideas; and those who have simply shown how we can do things better.

Our ambition is simple. So this strategy is short.

It’s supposed to be a quick, straightforward read, focusing on the most important things to get right. (Our more detailed plans in each area change over time, and are there for those who’d like to talk with us about them.)

One of our most important goals in this strategy is to become a stronger champion for equality, as a natural part of approaching all that we do. So our work in this area is shown in an integrated way in this strategy. Over the next few pages we hope that you will be able to see the big things we’re planning, so that you can join us, help us, and hold us to account.

John Gladwin, Chair of Trustees
Gillian Guy, Chief Executive

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