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Council Tax Reduction - making an application

Find out who can apply for Council Tax Reduction, how to make an application, what happens if your award doesn't cover the whole council tax bill, or if there's a delay in your payment.

Who can apply?

Rules about who can apply for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) including requirement to occupy a property, liability for council tax, people subject to immigration control and discretionary reductions.

How to apply

Applying for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) by phone, in writing or electronically, evidence required to support an application, amending or withdrawing an application and appealing a decision.

Advance applications

Applying in advance for Council Tax Reduction (CTR).


Paying council tax following a Council Tax Reduction (CTR) award.

Backdating an application

Rules for pensioners and general rules for all applicants for backdating an application for Council tax Reduction (CTR).

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