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Help with health costs in Wales

Mae’r cyngor hwn yn berthnasol i Cymru

You can get free NHS prescriptions dispensed in Wales if at the time the prescription is dispensed:

  • you have a Welsh prescription form, or
  • you have an equivalent English (FP10) prescription form and a valid entitlement card for free prescriptions, or
  • you have an equivalent prescription form (e.g. English/Scottish) and are in one of the exemption categories listed on the reverse, or
  • you are not normally resident in Wales but in possession of a valid medical exemption certificate for the current list of prescribed medical conditions.

If you live in Wales and you have a valid Medical Exemption Certificate for a specified medical condition, you will not have to pay for your prescription wherever in the UK it is issued or dispensed.

You can find information about specified medical conditions on the NHS Wales, Help with Health Costs website at:

NHS low income scheme error

Some people who applied to the NHS low income scheme between October 2003 and September 2008 may have paid too much towards their health costs, due to an error in the scheme’s calculations. This only affects a small number of people who meet certain criteria, but if you’re affected you can apply for a payment.

Find out whether you’re affected.

The NHS Wales website Help with Health Costs also has information about:

Other useful information

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