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Talk to us online

Mae’r cyngor hwn yn berthnasol i Cymru

You can talk about your issue with a trained adviser online. We’ll try to help you solve your problem or make good progress towards it. In some cases, we might need to send you to your local Citizens Advice or a specialist organisation.

Chat is usually available 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

To connect you to the right adviser, we’ll ask you for a few details, including:

  • the kind of advice you need, for example ‘Benefits’

  • your postcode

If no-one’s available, you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you.


Read our privacy policy to find out how we store and use your personal information,

Problems with chat

It might take a few minutes to connect you to an adviser. We’ll let you know if the right kind of adviser isn’t available. We might ask you to send an email with your issue.

If we ask you to leave a message, an adviser should reply within 4 working days. If you don’t get a reply, check your spam or junk folder.

Some ‘ad blocker’ software stops chat working. If you use an ad blocker, make sure to add as a trusted site.

Complain about chat

You can use our complaints procedure if you want to complain about our chat service.

A oedd y cyngor hwn yn fuddiol?
Pam nad oedd y cyngor yn fuddiol?

Dywedwch fwy wrthym am pam nad oedd ein cyngor yn helpu.

A oedd y cyngor hwn yn fuddiol?

Diolch i chi, cyflwynwyd eich adborth.

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