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All our current campaigns


We're asking the Government to ensure that workers are treated fairly and safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Universal Credit

We want the benefits system to provide an adequate level of support so people have enough to cover their basic living costs.


We’re calling on the government to put consumers at the heart of plans to reach net zero.

Scams Awareness Fortnight

Find out about the Scams Awareness campaign. We're working with partners to give people the skills and confidence to spot scams and take action.

Loyalty penalty

We’re calling on regulators to tackle the loyalty penalty in essential markets and protect people from being ripped off.

Big Energy Saving Winter

Get involved with Big Energy Saving Week, a campaign to help people cut their fuel bills and receive the financial support they are entitled to.

Council tax protocol

Council tax arrears is now the largest debt issue seen by local Citizens Advice. That’s why we’re encouraging councils to sign up to the Council Tax Protocol.

National Consumer Week

Learn about National Consumer Week, our yearly campaign to raise awareness of different consumer issues.

Bailiff reform

Citizens Advice is calling for the bailiff industry to be independently regulated.

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