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Gwirfoddoli gyda Cyngor ar Bopeth

Yn Cyngor ar Bopeth, mae gennym ni 21,300 o wirfoddolwyr sydd wedi cael hyfforddiant i safon uchel ac maen nhw’n amhrisiadwy o ran darparu ein gwasanaeth, sydd wedi helpu 2.7 miliwn o bobl yn 2018-19 wyneb yn wyneb, dros y ffôn, drwy e-bost a thrwy sgwrsio ar y we.

Volunteer with us

There are lots of ways to get involved—through our network of local Citizens Advice or our Witness Service.

Local Citizens Advice

Volunteering opportunities with local Citizens Advice include giving information and advice to clients, fundraising, admin, media, trusteeship and more.

Find out more about volunteering with Citizens Advice and trustee roles.

Remote volunteering

If you're looking for information about our Remote volunteer recruitment campaign, this has now closed. Please use the search box below to explore other volunteering opportunities with local Citizens Advice in your area.

To apply, search for your local Citizens Advice below, this will show you the volunteering opportunities available locally. Complete the short form and your local Citizens Advice will then get in touch with you to discuss options.

Witness Service

Our Witness Service volunteers support witnesses in court by giving information about the court process, giving support before the trial and on the day.

Find out more about Witness Service volunteer roles and to apply.

Take our quiz

Why not have a go at our short quiz to find out which area of volunteering in local Citizens Advice or Witness Service you might be interested in?

Volunteering and inclusion

Citizens Advice volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, and volunteer with us for different reasons. Our volunteer roles are varied, challenging and rewarding and our volunteers really enjoy being able to make a valuable contribution and a positive impact on people’s lives.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, including Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) volunteers, disabled volunteers, volunteers with physical and mental health conditions, LGB, trans and and non-binary volunteers, to join our service.

Find out more about volunteer experiences from some of our disabled volunteers.

Applicants who aren't UK citizens: please note that you are only allowed to volunteer if your immigration status permits it. Many will, but please do check that you are entitled to volunteer, to avoid breaching the terms of your status. You can find further information about different visa rules on this government webpage. Irish citizens, EU/EEA citizens with settled or pre-settled status, and refugees and asylum seekers are fully entitled to volunteer.

More information about volunteering 

Student volunteers

Across the Citizens Advice network student volunteers play a vital role. Read about the experiences of an Open University student who volunteers with local Citizens Advice, and the experiences of a student volunteering in the Witness Service.

Other information

You could also look at our frequently asked questions to find more information about training, time commitment, volunteering if you receive state benefits and so on.

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