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Claiming back employment tribunal fees

Mae’r cyngor hwn yn berthnasol i Cymru

You can claim back any employment tribunal fees you paid between July 2013 and July 2017.

You’ll get back all the fees you paid, plus 0.5% interest for each year that’s passed. For example, if you paid £1,000 in fees 2 years ago, you’ll get £1,010.

You can’t claim back fees if your employer has already paid them to you. This could have happened if you won your case and the tribunal ordered your employer to pay your fees.

Applying to get your fees back

It’s usually easiest to apply using the online form on GOV.UK.

You can’t apply online if you:

  • have changed your name since your tribunal claim
  • claimed against more than one employer
  • don’t have a UK bank account

If you can’t apply online you’ll need to download a copy of the refund form and send it by post or email. You can find the post and email addresses at the end of the form.

The form asks you how much you paid in fees. If you’re not sure, contact your nearest Citizens Advice - an adviser might be able to help you work out how much you paid. You’ll need to know what you claimed for and if it was an appeal.

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