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This section contains information about bankruptcy. Going bankrupt is one option for clearing your debts and making a fresh start, but it can have serious consequences. These pages will tell you how bankruptcy works and help you decide whether it’s right for you. It will also tell you how to apply for bankruptcy and how creditors can make you bankrupt.

Bankruptcy offences

Lists actions which count as bankruptcy offences and what happens if you commit an offence.

Bankruptcy restrictions orders

Explains what a bankruptcy restrictions order is, and when the Insolvency Service may apply one, if it thinks you have committed a bankruptcy offence.

Received notice of a BRO hearing

Explains what happens if you receive notice of a bankruptcy restrictions order hearing, if the Insolvency Service thinks you have committed a bankruptcy offence.

Asked to make an income payments agreement

Explains what is meant by an income payments agreement, when you have enough income to make payments towards your debts, after becoming bankrupt.

PPI claims after bankruptcy

Explains the special rules around mis-sold payment protection insurance during and after bankruptcy.

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