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Mortgage problems

If you're having problems paying your mortgage, you must take action quickly to avoid falling into debt.

On these pages you can find out how to avoid falling behind with your mortgage payments, how to clear your debt if you do fall behind and what happens if you're taken to court because of mortgage debts.

Managing your mortgage

Advice on how to manage paying a mortgage, in order to avoid getting into difficulties. Covers budgeting, finding the best mortgage deal and how to cope with reduced income or an increase in payment rates.

What happens when your mortgage lender takes you to court

Information on what a lender must do before seeking possession, including pre-action protocols, and decisions a court can make, and where to find financial advice.

Your mortgage lender takes you to court – how to prepare for the court hearing

Information on what to do before a possession hearing, information to take to court, who can accompany you and what will happened during the hearing.

Eviction for mortgage arrears

Information on how an eviction is carried out, including bailiffs and taking possession, what happens to the property after eviction, finding somewhere else to live, problems getting another mortgage in future.

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