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Rent arrears

Getting into rent arrears can be distressing. But don't ignore the situation. If you don't take action to pay back what you owe, you could end up losing your home.

Read these pages to find out what you can do to stop yourself being evicted for rent arrears.

Dealing with rent arrears

Check you’re responsible for paying rent arrears, find a way of affordably repaying them and make sure you're getting all the help you're entitled to.

Paying off your rent arrears - overview

What you can do to help pay off your rent arrears.

Paying off your rent arrears

Information about rent arrears and how to pay them back, including sources of help, talking to your landlord, checking whether the amount of rent you have to pay is correct and agreeing a repayment plan.

You are taken to court for rent arrears

Information about the procedure a landlord must follow in order to take a tenant to court for rent arrears, special rules for social housing landlords, notice periods, what happens and a court hearing and the type of orders a judge can make.

Eviction for rent arrears

Details of the various types of possession orders that a judge can grant a landlord in order to evict their tenant.

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