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Police involvement

This section tells you how the police may get involved in cases of child abuse, and how they investigate concerns. They explain how a decision to prosecute is taken and the special rules which apply if a victim of child abuse gives evidence in court.

Police involvement

Explains the responsibilities of the police and their powers to take action, if they are involved in investigating a case of child abuse.

How the police investigate allegations  

Explains how the police investigate cases of child abuse, covering searches, interviews, medical examinations and how they decide whether to prosecute.

Children as witnesses in criminal proceedings

Explains how a child or young person would be expected to give evidence in a child abuse case, covering giving evidence in person, by video link or in writing, anonymity and support during the case.

Can the police disclose records about abusers?

Explains the rules covering police records, disclosure of information and inclusion on the Sex Offenders’ Register, the Children’s Barred List and the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme.

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