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Local Safeguarding Children Boards

This advice applies to England

Your Local Safeguarding Children Board has been set up by the local authority. It has strategic role to play in protecting children in your area. This page tells you more about these boards.

What is the role of the Local Safeguarding Children Board?

A Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a multi-agency body set up in every local authority.  Each LSCB has  an independent Chair, that is, someone who doesn’t work for social services. However the Chair will work closely with the Director of Children’s Services.

The role of the LSCB is to:

  • coordinate what is done by everyone on the LSCB to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the area
  • make sure that each organisation acts effectively when they are doing this.

The LSCB publishes policies and procedures for child protection in their area.

What organisations are represented on the LSCB?

As well as the local authority, other organisations are represented on the LSCB. They include:

  • the police
  • health services
  • probation services
  • the local youth offending team
  • in England, CAFCASS (Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service)
  • in Wales, CAFCASS CYMRU (Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service).

The LSCB can also include representatives from other people or organisations in the community if their activities relate to children, for example, the NSPCC or Barnados.

LSCB policies about child protection

Each LSCB must draw up their own procedures for dealing with child abuse,in line with legislation and government guidance. Because of this, procedures for dealing with child abuse may be different in different local authority areas. You can get a copy of your local procedures from the local authority child protection team. Also most LSCBs have their own websites where you can download information about local policies.

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