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NHS complaints procedure

There is a clear procedure to complain about NHS services. These pages tell you more about this procedure.

How to make a complaint

Explains the process for making a complaint about an NHS service, including who can complain, time limits, keeping records and local resolution.

Complaint about medical treatment of children or young people

Explains the rights of children and young people to make a complaint if they are unhappy with NHS treatment they have received. Also covers the rights of parents to complain on behalf of a child under 16.

How complaints should be handled

Explains which health and adult social care organisations must have a policy in place for handling complaints, the standards of service you can expect if you make a complaint, and what to do if the organisations don't meet these standards.

What should happen when you make a complaint

Explains how the NHS should investigate concerns about their services and the kind of response you should expect for the concerns you raised.

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