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If you're being evicted because you asked for repairs

This advice applies to England

Your landlord has to keep your home in a good condition and do repairs if you need them.

They can’t make you leave your home just for asking for repairs to be done - your landlord has to follow a proper eviction process if they want you to leave.

If your landlord tries to evict you because you asked for repairs this is known as ‘retaliatory eviction’.

If you have an assured shorthold tenancy it’s easier for your landlord to evict you. But if your tenancy started after 1 October 2015 you might be able to challenge a retaliatory eviction.

You can use Shelter's tenancy checker tool to find out what type of tenancy you have if you're not sure.

Contact your nearest Citizens Advice if your landlord tries to evict you for asking for repairs or you’re worried about asking for repairs.

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