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Help with your Council Tax - Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction is a reduction you may be able to get on your council tax if you're on a low income.

Read these pages to find out if you're able to get Council Tax Reduction.

Can you get Council Tax Reduction

Rules about who can apply for Council Tax Reduction and the eligibility criteria required for each of the three types of CTR schemes in Scotland that are available.

Who can apply

Who in a couple should apply for Council Tax Reduction and who can act on behalf of someone unable to make a claim.

When to apply

Applying in advance for Council Tax Reduction.


Students and exemption from Council Tax Reduction.

Council Tax Reduction - how to apply

How, where and what evidence you need to apply for a Council Tax Reduction.

Bands E-H relief Council Tax Reduction

A guide to bands E-H relief Council Tax Reduction, available for properties in council tax bands E-H from 1 April 2017.

The decision

Notification of a Council Tax Reduction decision and what to do if you disagree with it.

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