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Council Tax Reduction - changes in your circumstances

This advice applies to Scotland

When you are getting Council Tax Reduction (CTR), bands E-H relief CTR or Second Adult Rebate, you should tell the local authority about any changes which you could reasonably be expected to know might affect your entitlement to CTR, or the amount of CTR or Second Adult Rebate you have been awarded. You should tell them as soon as possible after the change. The decision about your CTR award will be reconsidered and it may be changed. The amount may increase or decrease, or you may no longer be entitled.

You must tell the local authority if you or your partner stops receiving income support, income-based jobseekers' allowance (JSA), income-related employment and support allowance (ESA) or Universal Credit (UC).

You must tell the local authority if you separate from your partner, or if your partner dies.

If you, or your partner are on pension credit, you should report most changes to the Pension Service, but you should tell the local authority about the following:

  • changes involving non-dependants; and
  • absence from your home, if the absence is likely to be more than 13 weeks; and
  • if you, or your partner are on savings credit only, changes in membership of your household, changes involving dependent children (not a change in the child's age), changes to any capital that could take it over £16,000 and changes to the income and capital of a partner which have not been taken into account in the pension credit claim.

How to report changes in circumstances

You can report changes in circumstances in writing, by telephone or in any other way allowed by your local authority. You should report any changes as soon as possible after they happen.

When will the changes affect your Council Tax Reduction

Most changes which affect your CTR will take effect in the week after the date on which the change happened, but there are a number of exceptions to this. You may be able to continue to get CTR for a short period even if your entitlement ends. This is called an extended reduction.

Moving to a new area

If you move to a new local authority area you should tell your old local authority and apply for CTR to your new authority.

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