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Action the creditor can take

If you've stopped repaying your debts, a creditor may try to take you to court to order you to pay back the money you owe.

The following pages explain the different ways you can be ordered to pay back the money, including how to prepare for going to court and how to stop a court order or get it changed. They also tell you how your creditor should behave towards you and what you can do if you think they're harassing you.

Sheriff officers

Information about sheriff officers’ duties and powers, including advice about how to stop them taking action against you and how to complain about them.

What happens if you are taken to court for money you owe

Information about what to do if someone takes you to court under the simple procedure claiming that you owe them money.

Your service provider is threatening to disconnect you

What you should do if your service provider is threatening to disconnect you because of unpaid TV, telephone or internet bills.

Can I be forced to pay my debts?

Information for people whose creditors are taking legal action against them.

Can my house and my possessions be sold to pay my debts?

Information on what actions can be taken by creditors when you are in debt.

Creditor takes money from my bank/building society account

Information about bank or building society accounts being frozen by a creditor, what the protected minimum balance is, challenging the arrestment and applying for time to pay.

Creditor takes money from your wages

Information on how a creditor can take money from your wages if you are in debt and how much they can take.

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