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Children, young people and parenting

In these pages information covers child maintenance, local authority services for children in need, child abuse and protection issues, fostering, adoption and kinship care, and expecting a baby.

Child maintenance

Find out how to get child maintenance and what to do if you have problems getting or paying it.

Children who need local authority services

A definition of children in need and information on the services which local authorities must provide.

Children who are looked after by the local authority

A definition of children in need and information on the services which local authorities must provide.


Information for carers and children in private and local authority foster arrangements including rights and available allowances for carers.

Adopting a child

Information about who can adopt a child and the conditions they must meet, how to apply to adopt a child, the adoption process and details of organisations which can help.

Tracing your birth parents

Information for adopted people about tracing birth parents and other relatives, and details of organisations which can provide advice and counselling.

Kinship care

Find out more about kinship care, allowance and funds available in Scotland, the issues that might arise with kinship arrangements and where to find help and support.

Young people and family

Find out about family matters affecting children and young people, including information on adoption, local authority care, wills and inheritance and the minimum age for getting married or registering a civil partnership.

Child abuse

A description of what constitutes child abuse, how to report it and what legal measures may be taken to protect the child.

Child abuse: useful organisations

A list of useful organisations that provide help and support for issues relating to child abuse and child protection.

Expecting a baby

An overview page of what financial help you can get when expecting a baby, such as maternity pay and allowance, your rights at work when pregnant and entitlement to a baby box.

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