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Scottish Government guide on what to do after a death

This advice applies to Scotland

This information applies to Scotland only

Your local authority may be part of a service called Tell Us Once. The service allows you to report the death of someone just once and a number of government departments are all then informed of the death. The UK government departments that are informed of the death include DVLA, the Passport Service, the Pension Service and HM Revenue and Customs. Check if your local authority provides this for you. You can find out more at

What to do after a death in Scotland is a booklet giving practical advice at a time of bereavement.

Produced by: Scottish Government
Booklet date: 11th edition revised March 2017
Booklet size: 80 pages

Link to booklet on Scottish Government website:

Paper copies:
The Scottish Government
Civil Law Division
Area 2W, St Andrew’s House
Regent Road

Tel: 0131 244 3581

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