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School and pre-school education

Find out about children's rights to education. This includes early learning and childcare for pre-school children, excluded pupils, children who are ill or disabled or with additional support needs.

Find out about the different types of schools, how to choose a school and school qualifications and review process. Learn about home education and what to do about problems at school such as truancy and bullying.

Early learning and childcare

Information about early learning and childcare provision for children from birth until school age. Includes information on help with costs, who is entitled to funded places, how many funded hours are available, and who can provide early learning and childcare. Also covers registration and inspection of childcare providers and how to complain.

Types of school

Document outlining the differences between a number of local authority, independent and specialist schools and colleges.

Education choices from 5 to 16

Document giving advice on how to choose a school including specific educational needs.

Problems at school

Information providing general guidance for coping with problems at school and outlining some situations which commonly arise.

Help with school costs

Read about help that may be available for the costs of school education in state schools, including help with school meals, milk, clothing, transport, equipment and activities.

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