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Help in the community

You may need social care services if you are older, disabled or ill. You may need help to manage your affairs or you might be a carer helping someone else.

These pages explain how you can find out how to access the services which could help you and also tell you about how your rights are protected.

Social care and support

Information on social care services, including community care assessments for services and which services may be charged for.

Carers: help and support

Find out whether you are a carer and if you can get help and support. Covers information about getting an Adult Carer Support Plan or a Young Carer Statement, the type of support you might get, help with money, and support organisations.

Making a complaint about social work or social care services on or after 1 April 2017

How to make complaints about social care or social work services after 1 April 2017.

Protection of adults at risk of harm

Information about what can be done to protect adults at risk of harm, including court protection orders.

Managing affairs for someone else

Information on the different ways of managing someone's affairs, what it involves and the types of power of attorney that are available.

Website about free personal and nursing care

Link to information leaflet outlining eligibility and the provision of free personal and nursing care.

Disability organisations

Signposting to where to find information and contact details for a wide range of disability organisations and support groups.

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