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Coronavirus - meeting people

This advice applies to Scotland

You can meet any number of people or households at home or in public places.

The Scottish government advises that you:

Find out more about when you need to isolate on NHS inform.

Find out more about staying safe in the Scottish government's guidance

Going to public places

When you visit public places like a restaurant, you'll usually need to: 

  • provide your contact details
  • wear a face mask indoors.

Some people, like children under 12, don't have to wear a face mask. You can check the Scottish government guidance on face coverings.

Vaccine certificates

You'll need a Covid vaccine certificate – also called a vaccine passport – showing that you're fully vaccinated in order to get into:

  • a nightclub
  • a large event.

Some people don't need a vaccine certificate. You can check the Scottish government guidance on vaccine certificates.

If you were on the shielding list

You can follow the same rules as others.

You can find more information in the guidance for people at highest risk on

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