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Mortgage problems

If you're having problems paying your mortgage, you must take action quickly to avoid falling into debt.

On these pages you can find out how to avoid falling behind with your mortgage payments, how to clear your debt if you do fall behind, what happens if you're taken to court because of mortgage debts and how to avoid losing your home.

How to sort out your mortgage problems

Information on identifying why you have a problem paying your mortgage and general advice on what you may be able to do to help the situation.

Cutting down your monthly mortgage costs

Information for homeowners on how to reduce the costs of a mortgage to stop them from falling behind with mortgage payments.

Dealing with your mortgage arrears

Information on the way you can pay back any money you owe on mortgage arrears.

Dealing with your mortgage lender

Information on contacting your lender about clearing your mortgage arrears or changing your payments including who to contact, what to say to them and what to do if your mortgage lender doesn't want to help.

Help with mortgage costs if you are not working

Help with mortgage costs if you're not working including which benefits you must be getting to get help with your mortgage costs, how much of your mortgage costs can be paid and whether you can get your mortgage costs paid straight away.

Managing your mortgage

Advice on how to manage paying a mortgage, in order to avoid getting into difficulties. Covers budgeting, finding the best mortgage deal and how to cope with reduced income or an increase in payment rates.

Selling the property or handing back the keys

Information about selling your property to clear your mortgage debt, including handing back the keys and making up a shortfall following the sale.

Lender is taking legal action for repossession and eviction

Information on what a lender must do before seeking possession, how to try to delay legal action, how to prepare for a court hearing, decisions the court can make and where to get financial advice. Information on eviction procedures, finding somewhere else to live, and what happens after you have left the property.

Schemes to provide support to homeowners in danger of losing their homes

Information on schemes which help homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage, including government-backed and private schemes and schemes run by local authorities and housing associations.

Sale and rent back schemes run by private firms

Information on sale and rent back schemes run by private firms which may help homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage.

Repossession by your landlord’s mortgage lender

Rights of tenants facing eviction because their private landlord falls behind on with their mortgage payments and is facing repossession.

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