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Repairs and improvements

You can find out here what the rules are for grants and loans for private home owners under a special scheme called the Scheme of Assistance.

There are also links to guidance available from the Scottish Government for tenants who are having problems getting repairs done; to the Scottish Government leaflet about the planning system and information about what help you are entitled to for adapting your home if you have disabilities.

The scheme of assistance for house repairs and adaptations

Information about the scheme of assistance that local authorities provide for improvement and repairs for privately owned houses or adaptations required because of a disability.

Scottish Government guide to the planning system

Information about the role and function of the Scottish planning system and provides sources of further information.

Property factors providing services to homeowners

Information about the registration of property factors who provide services to homeowners, their code of conduct and the First-tier Tribunal in Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) who investigate breaches of the code.

Getting repairs done while renting

Responsibilities of landlords to get repairs done including options for tenants to take when repairs are not carried out.

Scottish Government guide to rights of public sector tenants to have repairs carried out in their home

General guide to the Right to Repair Scheme for Scottish secure tenants and short Scottish secure tenants.

Websites providing support for homeowners who want to repair, improve or adapt their homes

Link to website that helps with housing repairs, improvements and adaptations for tenants, owner occupiers and crofters who are over 60 or who have a disability, and one that provides information and advice about common repairs.

House repairs: statutory notices and orders

This item discusses the major forms of statutory notices that may be served on privately owned property.

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