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Our campaign successes

Settled and safe: a renter's right

We campaigned for better protections for private renters. We helped secure a ban on letting agent fees for tenants and the government has introduced measures to tackle rogue landlords and improve protections and redress for renters.

Payday Loans

Payday loan companies were not treating their customers fairly. Following our campaign, the Financial Conduct Authority introduced tough new rules on payday lenders. Since then the number of people seeking our help with payday loans has halved.

Dialling down debt

Mobile phone companies' lagged behind other industries at supporting customers who were in debt. We changed the law so that they now have to give customers the option to cap how much they spend on their phone bill each month. The main providers also agreed to improve their debt collection practices [ 240 kb].

Fair play for prepay

Prepay energy customers were paying more and receiving a second class service. Suppliers have committed to better customer service and support, and improved the choice of tariffs and ease of switching.

Income security

In a fast changing labour market, we wanted to make sure people had the ability to enforce their rights. We helped campaign for the ban on employment tribunal fees, and influenced the Taylor review of modern employment to include many of our suggestions.

Make ESA fit for work

Ill and disabled people were being let down by ESA. Now they can get the support they need for free, and further training for assessors will improve their experience.


Following our campaign the Government published new guidance for local authorities on collecting council tax arrears. Over 1.5m residents are now better protected from aggressive bailiffs.

Pop goes the payslip - Universal Credit

Universal Credit is the government's ambitious new welfare reforms and our campaign highlighted some of the challenges facing many families. The Government implemented our recommendation to increase the support available for childcare costs.

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