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Volunteering with the Citizens Advice network

We have over 23,000 highly trained volunteers supporting the delivery of our work. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and help with everything we do. 

Could you join them?

Volunteer locally with us

Interested in volunteering with Citizens Advice?

Take our quiz Google form  to find out which of our many volunteer roles would be best for you!

This quiz is a fun tool to give you an idea of the types of roles you might be interested in, but why not contact your local Citizens Advice or Witness Service court directly to have a chat about what other roles might be available? 

Search for local opportunities, including trustee roles, fill out a quick online form and your local Citizens Advice will get in touch with you to discuss options.

Interested in supporting witnesses in courts?

Explore our roles and apply to become a volunteer with our Witness Service.

Why volunteer with us?

Hear from our volunteers

Hear more from some of our local Citizens Advice volunteers and local Citizens Advice and Witness Service volunteers.

About volunteering with Citizens Advice

Find out about:

We also have some answers to common questions on volunteering with us.

Read our report about the value of volunteering to individuals, communities and society.

Disabled volunteers

Citizens Advice has a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcomes disabled volunteers and volunteers with physical and mental health conditions within local Citizens Advice and the Witness Service.

Read about the experiences of some of our local Citizens Advice volunteers.

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