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There are lots of different types of insurance which you can take out to protect you in case of unexpected financial difficulty.

If you can't work because of illness, accident or a disability, one option to help boost your income is to take out illness insurance. This section looks at insurance, including all the different types of illness insurance and helps you work out if it's something you might need.

Income protection insurance

Information on income protection insurance, factors to consider before taking out income protection insurance and how to work out the level of cover you need.

Illness insurance

Types of illness insurance available, some of the benefits they provide and what you need to think about before taking out one of these types of policy.

Critical illness insurance

Information on critical illness insurance, what it covers, factors to consider before taking out critical illness insurance and how to buy an insurance policy.

Cancelling an insurance policy

Your right to cancel an insurance policy you have just bought or if your circumstances have changed.

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