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Complaining about a courier company

This advice applies to Wales

If you’ve had a problem with a delivery from a courier company, you should:

  • complain to the seller - if you bought the item
  • complain directly to the courier - if you didn’t buy the item

Complaining to the seller

The seller has a legal responsibility to get your item to you. If there’s a problem with the delivery, they're responsible.

If your item hasn’t been delivered or was delivered late, read how to resolve problems with a seller.

If your item arrived damaged, you might be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. Use the faulty goods tool to find out what you’re entitled to and what to do next. You’ll have to return the item within a certain timeframe (the tool will tell you) so it’s best to act fast.

Complaining to a courier company

You should complain to the courier company if the problem isn’t about something you’ve bought, for example if you sent something to a friend and it arrived broken.

Follow the courier company’s complaints process - you’ll be able to find this on their website, on an email or by phoning their customer services team.

If the item was lost, delayed or damaged it’s best if the sender of the item makes the complaint. The sender has a contract with the courier company, which means the courier has a legal duty to deliver the item for the sender.

You might need to contact each other to arrange getting the proof you need to make a complaint, for example pictures of the item if it was damaged. 

Get help

Contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline if you’re not getting anywhere with a seller or courier. Contact Consumerline if you’re in Northern Ireland.

Citizens Advice consumer helpline
Telephone: 03454 04 05 06
Textphone: 18001 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
To contact a Welsh-speaking adviser: 03454 04 05 05
Textphone to contact a Welsh-speaking adviser: 18001 03454 04 05 05
Closed on bank holidays

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