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Identifying discrimination

If you've been treated unfairly at work or when applying for a job, it may be unlawful discrimination. This section will help you find out if something is unlawful discrimination in the workplace.

Are you protected against discrimination at work?

Summarises how the Equality Act 2010 protects people at work. Also covers who counts as an 'employee' and what is meant by a contract to 'personally do work'.

Who’s treating you unfairly?

Explains who musn't, by law, discriminate against you in a work situation, including employers, colleagues and employment agencies.

Why are you treated unfairly?

Explains why you might be treated unfairly in a work situation, and when the unfair treatment counts as discrimination.

What’s the unfair treatment?

Explains the kinds of unfair treatment which count as unlawful discrimination at work.

If you’re an agency worker

Explains how agency workers are protected from discrimination by their agency and the in place where they are contracted to work.

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