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Employment tribunals - valuing a claim

It's important to think about how much compensation a tribunal might award you if you won. This will help you to work out if it's worth making your claim.

These pages tell you more about working out how much your claim might be worth. You can also use these figures to help you negotiate with your employer if you want to to try and reach a settlement and avoid going to a tribunal.

Valuing a claim - where to start

What an employment tribunal (ET) can award in compensation if you were to win a claim to help you decide if it is worth continuing with a claim or not.

How to work out your basic award if you are claiming unfair dismissal

Working out your basic award for unfair dismissal and whether the award can be reduced by the employment tribunal (ET).

Discrimination - whether any welfare benefits you have received will reduce your award

How some welfare benefits you've received might reduce your compensation for discrimination at an employment tribunal (ET).

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