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Employment tribunals

Making a claim to an employment tribunal can seem daunting. But it can help to know what to expect. On these pages you can find out what employment tribunals do, how to make a claim, what might happen during the hearing and what decisions the tribunal can make.

Understanding employment tribunals

Information about what an employment tribunal can do, whether to make a claim, what happens as a tribunal and whether you will have to pay legal costs.

Starting an employment tribunal claim

Information about how to start an employment tribunal claim, completing and submitting the ET1 claim form, time limits and when the case will be heard in court.

Employer's response to an employment tribunal claim

Information about how an employer might respond to an employment tribunal claim, how to get more information from your employer to help you understand their response and what to do if you get any instructions (order or directions) from the tribunal.

Preparing an employment tribunal case

Information about how to prepare for an employment tribunal, including gathering documents, finding witnesses, and making sure you are familiar with any instructions (orders or directions) sent to you by the tribunal.

Employment tribunal hearings

Information about tribunal hearings, including who will represent you, what will happen before and during the hearing, last minute settlements and when you will find out the outcome.

After the employment tribunal hearing

Information about what happens after an employment tribunal hearing, including compensation from your employer, appeals, what happens if your employer doesn't pay and what you can do if you lose your case.

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