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Making welfare work locally case study showcase - Round 2 (a)

Part a: Council tax support policies

In April 2013, council tax benefit (CTB) was abolished. The budget, minus 10 per cent, was passed to local authorities to put in place their own council tax reduction schemes. Here we showcase three different examples of how local authorities have designed and implemented their council tax reduction schemes. These are based on their experience of local needs and trends and what level of contribution is realistically collectable. We consider the extent to which they were able to protect vulnerable households whilst continue to collect council tax due. 

North Tyneside Council

Raising revenue to provide support for housing costs.

Rushmoor Borough Council

Reviewing recovery processes for stable, sustainable collections

Council tax support in Cambridge

Using local housing market conditions to raise revenue and maintain protections

Top tips to consider

We’ve pulled out eight key features from our second showcase that can make a real difference.

Council tax support policies

Background on council tax support policies.

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